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Chipotle Beef Brisket Tacos


Prep: 30 min

Cook: 45 min

Ready In: 1hr 15 min

Chipotle Beef Brisket Tacos Chipotle Beef Brisket Tacos

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  • Serves: 8

    Prep time: 10 mins

    Cook time: 45 mins

  • Ingredients

    • 16 each Mission® Small Flour Tortillas

    • 2 tbsp Vegetable oil

    • 2½ lb. Beef Brisket, trimmed of excess fat

    • To Taste Salt and Black Pepper

    • 1½ cup Low-Sodium Beef Broth

    • 3 tbsp Tabasco® Chipotle Sauce

    • 2 cup Monterey Jack Cheese, shredded

    • 1 cup Roma Tomatoes, diced

    • 2 cup Shredded Iceberg Lettuce, packaged

  • Instructions

    • Dice brisket into medium size chunks. Season lightly with salt and pepper.

    • Heat a heavy bottom skillet with vegetable oil over high heat. Add brisket chunks to cover the bottom of the pan in one layer. Brown the meat and stir to brown on all sides. Remove meat and transfer to a slow cooker.

    • Add broth to the skillet and bring to a boil. Add to beef in crock pot.

    • Add the Chipotle sauce and set at medium. Allow to simmer for 2½ to 3 hours until meat is tender and falling apart. Once meat is cooked thoroughly, gently shred with the back of a fork while still in slow cooker.

    • Warm flour tortillas with 2 tablespoon of cheese on each one in microwave or oven. Add ¼ cup of beef with some sauce on each tortilla. Top with 2 tablespoons of shredded lettuce and 1 tablespoon chopped tomatoes. Fold and serve.

  • Tips

    If serving a family of 4, use remaining brisket for other meals; burritos, nachos or etc.
    If you desire; chopped onion and minced garlic can be added when you brown the brisket.
    You can omit the vegetable oil and heat or ‘render’ fat in a large, heavy skillet until it browns and liquid fat covers the bottom of the skillet, then brown the beef in the rendered fat.
    An authentic method of thickening the sauce that the beef is cooked in is to; crush Mission® Round Tortilla Chips in a blender with some of the stock the beef has been cooked in. Add that mixture back to the sauce and heat to thicken.
    Serve these tacos with sour cream, chopped cilantro, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.